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Technology Consulting

Define | Align | Optimize

We can maximize your technology investments bringing new and better capabilities to your business faster. This enables you to stay competitive and optimize resources that support your business goals - both current and future.


GoLive IT Deployment

Plan | Deploy | Support

We can deploy everything you need, when you need it most, whether it’s the management of your hardware, software, purchasing process, or network design and upgrade. Bring new systems online as quickly as possible with confidence without disrupting your entire organization.

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IT Outsourcing Services

Monitor | Manage | Secure

With Managed services from NGS, you can enjoy more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. That means you get more value from the technology you've already invested in, while actually reducing the costs and downtime caused by IT problems.


Security Services

Protect | Detect | Respond

Our team and security experts conduct the required risk analysis to help you to identify and apply the appropriate security measures, safeguards and controls.


Cloud Business Services

Private | Hosted | Hybrid

With cloud computing, your small business can enjoy a higher level of reliability, security, agility, and cost-effectiveness. Our comprehensive range of Cloud-based solutions and services are designed to support you and your business.

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Salesforce-Outlook add-on announced

Salesforce-Outlook add-on announced

According to Salesforce, an average sales rep spends more than 70 percent of their time each week in their email inbox. Despite this fact, email and customer ...

Do you speak “Data”?

Do you speak “Data”?

Quick, what’s the most important thing about your business’s precious data? Besides knowing how to back it up properly and protect it from catastrophic ...